International Activities
Our International Activities

AÇEV makes its early childhood and parent education programs available worldwide via partnerships forged with organizations outside of Turkey.In such international partnerships, AÇEV transfers know-how and offers consultancy support in line with its expertise in early childhood and parent education programs and the program implementations are carried out by the local organizations themselves. To this end, AÇEV provides its program content to organizations, trains and develops the trainers managed by that organization, supervises program implementations carried out by those trainers, and provides advisory services for impact assessment. This approach ensures building up local capacity for the organization and enabling a sustainable investment of efforts.

Since 1993, AÇEV has partnered with organizations in 13 countries: Germany, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Europe; Bahrain, England, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East; and Mexico in Central America. The programs are implemented in Turkish with Turkish immigrants in Europe, in Arabic and English with the local Arabic speaking populations in the Middle East, and in Spanish in Mexico. To date, AÇEV has reached over 15,000 parents and children, and trained more than 250 program trainers in these 13 countries.

As of 2013, AÇEV programs are still actively implemented in Germany, Bahrain, Belgium, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In the meanwhile, AÇEV continues to receive collaboration requests from local nongovernmental organizations and state agencies operating abroad requesting to implement AÇEV’s programs. As of 2012, AÇEV had received such requests from various organizations in ABD, Azerbaijan, Albania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Armenia, Estonia, Ethiopia, Croatia, Palestine, Iraq, Latvia, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Morocco, Qatar, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Syria, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. Partnership requests are assessed on the basis of the organization’s administrative and financial capabilities and their reach to eligible trainers and local beneficiaries.

This campaign has been approved by the İstanbul Governorship (#30545 dated 15/11/2006) pursuant to article 7 of the Charitable Fundraising Act (Statute 2860).    
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