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The time to start preparing children for a better future is early childhood. We are striving for a better tomorrow…

Early childhood is when children grow and learn the fastest. This is why we at AÇEV believe that every child needs to be supported with education from an early age in order to achieve their maximum potential.

Ever since it was founded in 1993, the Mother & Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) has been carrying out all of its educational activities aimed at needy children and their families with the aims of ensuring that such children have the benefit of a good and wholesome “early childhood experience”, of contributing towards a better society, and of achieving equality in educational opportunity. 


We strengthen the building blocks of society through our educational and support activities.

Egitim_CalismalarimizAÇEV conducts research to determine the needs of its target audience, develops programs to address such needs, implements these in collaboration with others, and assesses the results of its efforts.

Besides long-term, face-to-face educational programs, we also engage in a variety of short-term educational programs whose aim is to create issue-awareness. We strive to reach even broader audiences through our publications, our research studies, and our distance learning models. We conduct campaigns and engage in lobbying both to create awareness and influence policy in our own areas of endeavor. The ultimate goal of all of our efforts is to contribute towards the development of children and to support them in the enjoyment of happy, tolerant, healthy lives.

We prepare educational programs for television with the aim of reaching a broader audience in general and more individuals in particular. We work on developing new educational models with the aim of more quickly reaching out to and supporting every group that is in need. Making the benefits of technology an integral part of our efforts, we develop computer-based educational programs.


Eğitim Yaklaşımımız


Our specialist team, our wide-ranging competencies, and 20 years of experience enable us to be active at both the national and the international levels.

We have developed expertise in such areas as Early Childhood and Family Education, Adult Literacy and Women’s Support Education, Rural Education, Women’s Empowerment, Disability Rights, Gender, and Child Protection and we are both competent and experienced in such matters as Curriculum Development, Trainer-Training, Monitoring and Evaluation, Awareness, and Advocacy. AÇEV is engaged in a network of national and international collaborations that give it a presence in 81 provinces of Turkey and in twelve European and Middle Eastern countries.

This campaign has been approved by the İstanbul Governorship (#30545 dated 15/11/2006) pursuant to article 7 of the Charitable Fundraising Act (Statute 2860).    
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