Girls’ Access to Primary Education: Best Practices from Turkey

Author Tuba Çameli
Year 2008
Abstract The book on “Girls’ Access to Primary Education -Best Practices from Turkey” has been implemented as one of the activities of “Attaining Gender Equality in Education and Social Participation Project”, the ultimate aim of which is to influence policies. This Project aims to deal with as well as to implement interventions in relation the attitudes, practices and policies which negatively affect and hinder girls’ and women’s access to educational services as well as their participation in social life in Turkey. Within the scope of this project implemented with EU support under the partnership of Education Reform Initiative, Association for the Support and Training of Women Candidates (KA-DER) and Mother-Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), activities have been carried out which supported the generation of local and national policies targeting gender parity in education, along with the achievement of public support through attaining social support by way of effectuating individual transformation and raising awareness about girls’ education in general.