The Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) is a non-governmental organization mainly operating through its educational programs.

AÇEV conducts need assessments on its target population, develops programs to address identified needs, implements these programs through collaborations with other institutions, and evaluates impact using scientifically tested and evidence based empirical methods. Evaluations serve to measure program impact, as well as adapt and tailor programs according to measured impact to better serve program goals. Our target population is comprised of children and parents, as well as adults with no literacy, whose development is not adequately supported due to social and economic constraints.

AÇEV’s programs are best understood as “intervention” programs. Intervention programs typically aim to decrease risk factors and increase support factors in the lives of a target population. Resilience can be fostered in the lives of these vulnerable populations when these aims are accomplished.

All activities at AÇEV employ the same approach. This approach is centered around support for the development of individuals through supporting their immediate environment during early childhood, when most of cognitive, social and emotional development takes place. This support is crucial, since the environment surrounding the child before the start of formal education, including early childhood education, is of critical importance.


In line with these facts, AÇEV;