Summer Preschool Program

We are implementing an accelerated Preschool Education Program (OEP) for children aged 4-6.


20 Cities


1249 Education Programs


19.345 Children

AÇEV developed an intensive Preschool Education Program (PEP) for children aged 4-6 to raise awareness in families, support equal opportunity in education, and provide children with a better future.

With this program we aim to support children with no prior preschool education while empowering mothers with the necessary parenting support, thereby aiding the development of children’s basic educational skills.

Among the goals of this program are mitigating the effects of disadvantage these children find themselves in and increasing their level of school readiness, while enhancing the effect of preschool education through trainings for mothers.

As part of this program, designed for implementation in regions and populations in need, our Mother Support Program is conducted in weekly 2.5-hour sessions with the mothers of children attending the PEP held every week day for 10 weeks.