Website: AÇEV Preschool

There are many skills and competencies that we want children to acquire with pre-school education.

We know that daily events and activities play a determinant role in the acquisition of these skills and competencies. A wide pool of activities and events that can be a source for pre-school teachers are provided on the website that was designed to support the pre-school teachers, who constitute one of the main components of a high-quality pre-school education. The “Pre-School Education Program,” which we prepared to ensure healthy growth and maximize the motor, social-emotional, language, and cognitive development of the children going to pre-school education institutions through rich learning experiences, up-to-date information on the components of a quality learning environment including family engagement and class management, and the references section including experts’ articles are among the prominent components of the website. You can visit the website, which we launched with its new design enriched with examples of various education tools, visual elements, and videos, via the following link: www.acevokuloncesi.org

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