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We are running the "A Future that Reads" Program for children in regions where there is a need.


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Early childhood, i.e. the first 6 years of life, is the period when children show the most rapid development; when their cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language development is the fastest, and when there are opportunities for children’s development which are difficult to be caught again. This is also the period when learning is in its most intense form and basic habits and mental abilities are developed and shaped.

Studies show that children who grow up in an environment with a high socio-economic status hear 45 million words when they reach the age of 4, while children who grow up in an environment with a low socio-economic status hear 13 million words only. In order to close this gap of 32 million words, it is very important to read to children from early ages on. (Hart & Risley, 2003).

What is the situation in our country?

  • In Turkey, 67% of the families with low welfare levels read NO books to their children.
  • The rate of daily reading is only 13% even in families with high welfare levels.
  • Approximately 93% of 3-year-old children living in poor households have 3 books maximum.

(Study of Early Childhood Developmental Ecologies in Turkey (ECDET) data)

In order to improve this situation, we conduct the “Reading Future” Project, which we launched in 2016 for children and parents in need. With the training programs carried out within the scope of the project, we aim to improve children’s language skills and help them acquire the love and habit of reading; and we carry out various activities in order to raise an awareness in parents regarding the importance of reading.

What Do We Do?

How many people have we reached so far with the Reading Future Project?

Kaynaklar: Baydar, N., Küntay, A., Gökşen, F., Yağmurlu, B., & Cemalcılar, Z. (2008). Türkiye’de Erken Çocukluk Gelişim Ekolojileri (TEÇGE) Çalışması - 1. Tur Verileri. Hart, B. & Risley, T. R. (2003). The early catastrophe: The 30 million word gap by age 3. American Educator, 27(1), 4-9.


We have reached 13,760 children and their parents

through our face-to-face education programs.


We have sent Reading Future Sets

to 12,332 children and interviewed their parents.