Involved Fatherhood and Its Determinants in Turkey

Author Berna Akçınar
Year 2017
Abstract Fatherhood in Turkey Series is to gain better insights as to differing practices, resources, development and transfer patterns of fatherhood and its relationship with masculinity and to share know-how with all influential stakeholders. This series includes multiple studies and reviews, the first and foremost being the Fatherhood in Turkey Study. The series is comprised of three reports to be published in 2017 and 2018, the first of which is Involved Fatherhood and its Determinants in Turkey, the second, Fatherhood in Turkey: In the Midst of Parenthood, Masculinity and Work, and lastly, The States of Masculinity and Fatherhood in Turkey. We hope that the Understanding Fatherhood in Turkey Series and its first publication, Involved Fatherhood and its Determinants in Turkey Report, provides insight for the policies and practices to support involved fatherhood.
Reference Akçınar, B. (2017). Involved fatherhood and its determinants in Turkey. Istanbul: Mother Child Education Foundation.