Summer Preschools for Syrian Children: A Practitioner’s Guide for School Readiness

Author Burcu Gündüz Maşalacı
Year 2017
Abstract This Practitioner’s Guide draws from the Monitoring and Evaluation Report of the pilot project for the Summer Preschools for Syrian Children, prepared by Asst. Prof. Ersoy Erdemir. It addresses the various factors recommended for consideration in efforts to improve the school readiness of Syrian children via a short-term intervention program. The first section of the Guide contains information on ACEV’s Summer Preschools Program, while the second section focuses on recommendations for consideration in future implementations based on the experiences gained in this project. As ACEV, we hope this Practitioner’s Guide will contribute to efforts to develop education policies and projects geared to Syrian children, who have different developmental and educational needs.
Reference Gündüz Maşalacı, B. (2017). Summer preschools for Syrian children: A practitioner's guide. Istanbul: Mother Child Education Foundation.