A Call to families to #logofftogether (#haydikapatalım) with KoçSistem’s “Family Time” Project!

As of September 20, 2019, AÇEV has started an educational partnership with KoçSistem, who will provide trainings and guidance to parents about the use of technology. This social responsibility project aims to enable parents and their children to establish a healthier relationship with technology.

KoçSistem also aims to raise public awareness about the healthy use of technology within the family through the “Family Time” social responsibility project supported by AÇEV. KoçSistem started the #haydikapalım (#letslogofftogether) movement as part of the Family Time project, inviting the parents to take a one-hour “Family Time” break every day between 7:00 – 8:00 PM –with no screens on– to spend time doing various activities indoors or outdoors.

Our General Manager Burcu Gündüz Maşalacı stated that parents need to be supported by their environment in child care and development, and that she is very happy to partake in social responsibility projects that respond to the needs of our age.